Fakers.org, home of the celebrity fakers contains a stunning amount of over 18.000 celebrity fakes made by more then 80 of the best celebrity fakers the net has known. Fakers from past and present like Yovo, Doc Fakenhouser, Sank, Vincent, Lagrange 5, VIVI6 Phantasyman and many more. The list goes on and on.
We don't expect you to believe us immediatly, so please check out the samples below.
The quality of these images is examplary for the celebrity fakers you'll find inside.
Still not convinced?
Then please come back tomorrow. You'll find a new set of samples of the same quality, made by same or other highly skilled celebrity fakers
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Doc Fakenhouser
Dr. Heinz

Also, Fakers.org is a TrillFredd Celebrity site
That Means you'll get unlimited access to the other TrillFredd celebrity sites as well, such as:

Fredd38: The site of masterfaker Fredd38 with over 1.500 fakes of his own, and an archive of 6000+ HQ fakes.
TrillianFakes.com An archive containing more then 16.000 of the best celebrity Fakes from over 320 Celebrities + all of his own HQ fakes
Celebrity hardcore Fun A collection of the best hardcore fakes on the net. Currently over 5000 images and it keeps on expanding
Fakes Weekly A theme based site witch keeps expanding week after week with interesting new themes
Feel free to check out the sites above, we're sure you like them